hello my name is emma/amiga.
he/him, ?/?s (pronouny)
17 bi transmasc genderqueer thingamabob
taken <3 // taken x2 combo

dni if you're proship, map, terf, etc. etc.
mspec lesbians/gays dni.
irken x child dni.
spamton x kris dni.

my special interests are rhythm games and linguistics.
i am hyperfixated on plainview, splatoon, deltarune, ror2, & consumer aesthetics.

characters that are me at the moment (doubles ok):

  • spamton deltarune (me irl but im ok with doubles)

  • mettaton undertale


  • ENFP 4w3 479 sx/so (probably)

  • taurus sun, capricorn moon, leo rising

  • i have a passion for voice acting :] pls contact me if you need any high pitched feminine voices pls!!

  • i also have an interest in tarot & cartomancy! pls don't ask me to give you a reading though im not good at it (i dont even have a tarot deck)

  • i play splatoon with sticks

  • im friends with quite a few internet personalities??? like youtubers i guess. how did i get here

  • ive been here since at least 2014ish? but ive moved accounts quite a few times

disclaimer: i have done a lot of research on these & consulted friends who also have these on their experiences as well. this is not me outright saying i HAVE these, but that i HIGHLY SUSPECT myself to have them because of my self-doubt. still, please take these into account to know me better!

  • BPD

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • OCD